Tube Scent Nebuliser


A box of Tube Scent Nebuliser includes:
– One (1) 5ml of BLISS essential oil
– One (1) USB cable
– One (1) Mist head
– One (1) Device body

- +

A small and portable scent nebuliser that’s perfect for personal use.

Bottle Capacity: 5ml Plastic
Product Size: W70 * H133mm
Power: 5W
Gross Weight: 200g
Suitable Coverage: <300 sqft
Oil Consumption: 0.02-0.10ml/h
Color: Black
Voltage: 5V

Grade G1 G2 G3 G4
Working 5s 5s 10s 10s
Stop 360s 180s 120s 60s

Suitable for: Tiny Spaces, Car, Workdesk.
-Include the 5ml Scent option for customer choose

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