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Kuss Essentials are a brand built on the fundamental belief where we are meant to enjoy life at its fullest. Together with the proper stimulation of our senses, we offer fragrances, aromas and scenting solutions from the world’s premier fragrance houses and we ethically sourced our natural oils and ingredients.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions vary to cover all your needs starting from scents and small devices, ending up with a specially tailored full system that will serve your business no matter how huge it is.

Monthly Business Subscriptions Service

Pamper and spoil your sense of smell with the unlimited possibility of fragrances and aromas. Talk to us about your scent marketing needs, we offer a wide range of scent diffuser or scent dispenser solutions. We always go beyond the label. Not all smells are created equal. This is why we are different.

Kuss Essentials are proud to give you a multi sensorial experience that goes beyond your nose. We inspire you to cultivate self care rituals that nourish and rejuvenate people through scents.

Everyone has their origin and your story needs extra sensation. We use natural ingredients to help our clients to make their own remedies.
Embark on a journey that would see the birth of your very own scent, aroma and fragrance. Tailored and formulated just for you


Introduction to Scent Business

It is all about smells. Not just any smell, it’s an aroma that is pleasant and leaves a long lasting impression to your customers. Studies have shown that more than 70% of emotions are triggered by smell. This sense is linked to pleasure and memory. In the world of high pace performance, we need more a sense that is always working which is smell.

Fragrance can create direct connections and stronger customer relationships. This is where scent marketing comes in.

Pleasant aroma can:
– Stimulate emotional connection
– Customers tend to have a nice feeling when they are in a venue without odour
– Being able to smell the product was a real advantage when making a decision to purchase

With fragrance and sweet aroma, your brand can connect with a consumer on an emotional level. Consistent and frequent engagement with a smell, it leaves a stronger and deeper the brand engagement. Scents play a favourable role in our subconscious reaction which reinforce positive brand associations.


Scenting Subscription Plan

We help brands to reach their business goals using scent. Get in touch to hear how we can help your business.

  1. Contact us and let’s get started as soon as we can. We welcome all your questions on how scents work, how we can make your very own scents and more. Discover which application works best for your brand. Find out how easy it is to create remarkable customer experiences with Kuss Essentials.
  2. Have a sniff first. We have a wide range of scents waiting for you to try. Furthermore, we are offering a one day FREE trial. On top of that, we can have a quick inspection on how we can serve you best. Call us to start a scenting trial for your premise.
  3. Let’s do it! Our team is here to answer any questions about fragrance marketing and our scent products. We have a wide range of commercial and residential scent machines. We can fragrance any sized area indoor and outdoor together with scent systems for special events, new product launches and more.

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